Divorce Is All We Do In Santa Clarita

Divorce Is All We Do In Santa Clarita

That’s right. Divorce is all we do here in Santa Clarita. And to be honest with you, we wouldn’t have time to do anything else.

The word is out that we are the number one divorce document preparation firm in Los Angeles County and are right here in Santa Clarita.

Things pretty much took off once we opened up shop. We are not bragging, we are thankful actually. Of course, not that people are getting divorced, but that we have established a business that has met a huge need.

When we did our due diligence research on this business model, we learned that there was a huge void in legal services. There are attorneys, of course, who charge their outrageous fees and who only 10% of people can actually, truly afford.

Then there is the self help centers who provide free legal services to those folks with low incomes.

But what about us in the middle. This 80% of families who realize that attorneys fees are too much and who don’t qualify for government free assistance?

That is when we discovered the huge demand for affordable legal services in Los Angeles. And not just another paralegal service that provides an “okay” service, but a major player in the legal industry that can go head to head with attorneys as far as the quality of service we provide.

When you go to get divorced, make sure to use a company that is experienced in the game. We have been doing this for years and have worked in the self help centers, major area family law firms and are one of the only companies who have also worked for the Los Angeles Superior Courts family law departments.

Give us a call when you are ready to get started or would simply just like some answers to your questions about divorce.