Divorce Is All We Do In Santa Clarita

As legal Document Assistants we are allowed to provide many different types of legal services. However, we chose to focus completely on divorce. Divorce is all we do in Santa Clarita.

We wanted to specialize in divorce, because that is where our years of experience working with the courts and law firms are. In addition, we wanted to be the only game in town when folks wanted expert divorce assistance.

Because divorce is all we do, we prepare more divorce cases in Los Angeles County than any other legal document preparation firm. With each divorce we complete, we gain more and more experience.

It is very much like when you need a medical procedure . Do you go to a general practitioner to have a heart transplant? Of course not. You would go to a specialist. Could the general practitioner get the job done? Maybe and maybe not and if they did, the would not do as good as a job as the specialist.

We are the specialists in divorce and the good news is that it will not cost you any more to get our expert divorce document preparation service.

Because divorce is all we do, we can handle just about any type of case. We can help with divorce services such as filing motions, responses, post judgment issues, Modifications, child custody, child support, spousal support and everything else in between.

It is important to work with a divorce firm who is aware of the changing rules of divorce. We get a lot of business from folks who have gone to some paralegal or franchise company that fouled up the paperwork.

We are trying to protect consumer from falling prey to these paralegals who are operating illegally. We are doing this by a massive online public awareness campaign about the differences between legitimate divorce document preparation firms, such as ours and illegally operating “paralegals”.

Give us a call if you have questions about divorce. We are here to help give expert divorce assitance.