Divorce Petition Mistakes To Avoid In California

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Divorce Petition Mistakes To Avoid In California

I created a video series you can find below that discusses the top petition mistakes people make when filing their own divorce. It is a compilation of 17 videos that are just 15 seconds each.

The Petition is one of the first forms you will prepare when filing your California divorce.


It is critical that you not make these mistakes on your petition.  While you do get one chance to amend your divorce petition, doing so cause a delay on when your divorce can be finalized.

Not to mention, if you amend to your divorce petition you also have to have it re-served and are essentially starting the process again.

And then you have the problem of correctly preparing the proof of service of amended summons and petition which always trips people up.

What a lot of people don’t understand when they file the petition is that the clerk is not there to make sure you prepared it correctly. They will simply take your money and stamp your petition leaving you to think you prepared it correctly.

The paperwork you prepare for your divorce is not ever reviewed until you turn in your judgment.

This is when people will usually have their judgment rejected.  Many times it is because of how or what they included in the  petition.


A lot of our business in from clients that had their judgment rejected. We always make sure we review all documents previously filed.  This includes the Petition.

We cannot assume that the petition or other documents were prepared correctly.  It would be very likely that the judgment would get rejected as well.

At least half the time we do a review of a judgment rejection we are having to amend the petition. This results in us usually having to start at beginning of the divorce case.

If you would like assistance with your divorce or if you have had your California divorce judgment rejected please give us a call.

We can assist you in finalizing your California divorce case.