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So there is a fairly new social media tool called Periscope which i think came out in March of 2015. Periscope allows you to broadcast from your phone live and people can either follow you or can just come across your broadcast by searching live streaming events or by using a map within the application which shows the location (major city) from where people are broadcasting from.

Of course being involved in as much social media as possible, I started looking for ways to utilize this new, easy to use, live broadcasting service on Periscope.

I have done live broadcasts in the past, but before there was just Google Plus and it had to be done in front of a computer, where as Periscope allows you to broadcast right from your cell phone from anywhere you have a cell phone connection.

It is so easy to use that I don’t see why it can’t be part of the daily marketing efforts to reach out to our clients and potential clients.

My first thought is to have a weekly live broadcast via Periscope where people know in advance of the broadcast so they have advanced notice if they want to make themselves available to watch.

This does not seem how people are using it, for the most part, but I don’t think someone is going to casually visit our Periscope live broadcast and decide to watch. (We’ll maybe)

In any case, I think this will be a good way to connect with new clients and even speak to current clients and answer questions.

So in the near future, stay on the lookout for our live free Periscope broadcasts where we will be discussing divorce and answering any questions you have about divorce.

Don’t forget to download the Periscope app on your phone and follow our broadcasts to it makes it easier for you to locate our “divorcescope” when you want to tune in.