Divorce661 Meets Growing Demand For Affordable Divorce In Santa Clarita

As our business continues to grow by leaps and bounds, it is only because we are meeting a growing demand for affordable divorce services in Santa Clarita.

I believe the demand for affordable divorce services has always been present. The problem was that, until we arrived, there had not been anyone providing this service.

Furthermore, there has not been anyone talking about or marketing this business model.

People are starting to realize that they do not need an attorney to get divorced. Even in cases where folks were traditionally hiring attorneys for their divorce case, they are turning to us for an option that will not break the bank.

We are finding ourselves handing more and more complex divorce cases where people are interested in saving money, but at the same time receiving a high quality divorce service. Our clients are able to negotiate the divorce process and represent themselves due to our expansive knowledge on divorce and family law matters.

Where traditional document preparers stop at simply just filling out forms, we have taken it several steps beyond and assist people further by explaining the divorce process, how things work and prepare people to go into court when necessary.

We are the only ones to do this, because we are the only divorce service in Los Angeles County who have worked for the Los Angeles Superior Courts, Self Help Centers and major area family law firms. Nobody else has the experience we have therefore they are limited in the information they can provide.

Despite the fact that we provide a superior divorce service, we have kept our pricing model consistent with that of our competitors. We did not think raising our prices would make much sense. Instead, we felt that with our knowledge and expertise, we would simply provide a more valuable service for the same price.