006 DMR | Now Offering Online California Divorce Solution

006 DMR | Now Offering Online California Divorce Solution

In Episode 6 of Divorce Master Radio, we discuss our offering of an online divorce product that will allow folks to file their divorce completely online using software that uses automated document assembly.

The way the software works is that it allows you to answer a series of online questions that will automatically populate the divorce documents so you don’t have to figure out what goes where.

The only thing you will have to do once the divorce forms are completed is to follow the procedure to properly file and serve all the documents.

Here is how we are different that other providers of online divorce services.

First of all, we are a full service divorce document preparation service in California.  We are offering our online process in addition to our full service process, because some people see more value in an online product.

Even if you decide to use our online divorce product instead of our full service divorce, you still get all the assistance you would normally get.

For instance, with other online divorce services, there is nobody reviewing your documents and nobody looking to see if you do things correctly.  They can’t.  They are huge corporations.

With us, you get total support and review of all your documents.  You also get a secure client portal to ask questions along the way.

In addition, we guarantee our service!  If you later decide that you no longer want to use the online service, we can upgrade you to our full service and give you full credit for what you paid for the online service.

This is a great value to folks going through divorce in California and we are exited to offer this product.


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