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do you pay child support with 50/50 custody

Do You Pay Child Support With 50/50 Custody In California

There are several factors that determine whether you will pay child support with 50/50 custody.

The two main elements are timeshare and custody.

So here is how this works.

If your incomes are the same and you have 50/50 custody, the child support calculated will be very close to zero.

It is not exactly zero on the child support calculator (dissomaster) because one spouse is assigned the tax deduction.

See video below for explanation.

The other factor is income.  Even if you have 50/50 joint custody, if one spouse has more or less income, this is going to effect the amount of child support.

What If We Agree To No Child Support with 50/50 timeshare?

Many of our clients do not want child support as part of their California divorce case.

But we have to provide the court the child support dissomaster calculation to show the court what child support should be.

So how do the client get away with not having to have a child support order in their divorce?

By agreeing to it.

If you know what you are doing it really is quite simple.  This is despite the fact that child support is mandatory in California.

I guess you could call it a loophole for lack of a better word.

How We Get Our Clients A No Child Support Order

We provide the court the calculation and show what child support shows. Then we tell the court the parties agree to a lesser amount which is usually zero.

We provide additional language to the court that explains how the child support agreed upon is in the best interest of the minor child.

We also attach an additional document to the FL-342 Child Support order called the Non-Guideline child support attachment.

We’ve done this for more than 10 years and never had an issue having our child support orders changed from the calculated amount on the dissomaster to either a higher, lower or no child support.

Let Divorce661 Assist You With Your Amicable Divorce In California

If you have an amicable divorce anywhere in California, we can assist you with your amicable divorce.

Don’t get caught up in the divorce courts telling you what you have to do.

Our clients get exactly what they want, because they are in full agreement.

You just have to know how to package up the divorce judgment properly.