Does Facebook Marketing For Divorce Services Work?

I have a divorce paralegal business in Santa Clarita, CA and have done well with online marketing.  I have been experimenting with Facebook advertising and wanted to share what I have learned and perhaps get comments from others in the divorce industry such as attorneys and mediators, etc.

I have spent more time than I would like to admit on testing Facebook marketing.  I have placed advertising on the right hand side of Facebook.  You know the annoying ads on the right hand side.  Honestly, I don’t even notice that there are ads there anymore.  I did get lots of clicks but no  conversions or phone calls that I can say translated into new business.

I then started seeing business’s market by using the “Related Posts” on Facebook.  After several hours I did figure out how to property use the promoted posts and I did get some business out of it.  I also got a lot of people liking my page.

It seemed like this was a good way of advertising at first, until I saw how much I was being charged.  I had set a daily budget of $100 and Facebook made sure to eat all that money up every day.  I could not figure out why my costs were so high when  the estimated price per click was supposed to be less than a dollar each.

What I learned is that folks clicking on the ad did not necessarily have to click on “like” which was what I was after.  So the net result was I was spending $7.00 per like on Facebook.

Unless someone has another thought on the matter, my impression is that it is not worth $7.00 just to have someone like my page.  I don’t even pay $7.00 per click on Google Adwords.

So do you think Facebook Marketing works for those providing divorce services?  I would have to say that my campaign was a wash.  The business generated on the promotion was just enough to pay for the ads.  Not something I necessarily want to duplicate.

We are a licensed and bonded divorce paralegal service (Legal Document Assistant).  We specialize in providing affordable divorce services in California.