Does Involvment Of Divorce Attorneys Make Things More Challenging? Los Angeles Divorce : Santa Clarita Divorce

The Challenging Divorce Case in Santa Clarita, California

Does Involvment Of Divorce Attorneys Make Things More Challenging?

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Going through a divorce is never easy, especially when the situation becomes more complicated than expected. In this blog post, we will discuss a particularly challenging divorce case that took place in Santa Clarita, California. Despite initial hopes for an amicable separation, the involvement of attorneys and mistakes on the paperwork made the process more difficult for both parties involved.

The Initial Situation

The divorce proceedings began when the husband filed for divorce, but an interesting aspect of this case was that the couple was still living together. The wife expressed her belief that the divorce would be amicable, leading her to hire legal representation. However, she soon discovered that her husband had already hired an attorney, which raised concerns about the nature of their separation.

Mistakes on the Paperwork

As the wife reviewed the paperwork, she noticed some mistakes that raised suspicions. One particular error caught her attention – the length of their marriage had been incorrectly shortened to just under 10 years. This mistake seemed odd to her, and she found it quite amusing. It became apparent that there may have been some strategic planning behind the mistake.

The Role of Attorneys

The involvement of attorneys in a divorce case can significantly impact the dynamic between the parties. In this situation, the husband’s decision to hire legal representation indicated that the divorce might not be as amicable as initially hoped. The wife’s attorney suspected that the husband and his legal counsel had likely discussed shortening the length of the marriage to manipulate issues related to long-term marriage benefits and spouse support.

Response Filing

Typically, when working with both spouses, attorneys do not need to file responses. However, in this case, it was crucial for the wife’s attorney to recommend filing a response. The reasons for this decision were twofold: the lack of apparent amicability and the husband’s legal representation. Additionally, time was of the essence, as the wife only had one day left to file her response.

Correcting and Updating the Data

To strengthen the wife’s case, her attorney made sure to provide corrected and updated data regarding their separation. This included accurate information that clearly indicated a marriage duration of over 10 years. While addressing these issues is essential, they will likely be further discussed during trial or negotiated settlement proceedings.


Divorce cases are often complex and emotionally challenging. The situation becomes even more complicated when mistakes on paperwork and the involvement of attorneys come into play. In this specific case, taking place in Santa Clarita, California, the initial hope for an amicable divorce quickly faded due to the husband’s legal representation and strategic decisions made during the consultation. The wife’s attorney had to act promptly to file a response, ensuring that the correct and updated data regarding the length of the marriage was included.


What is an amicable divorce?

An amicable divorce refers to a situation where both parties mutually agree on the terms of their separation and work together to reach a settlement without significant conflict or legal disputes.

Why is it important to hire an attorney during a divorce?

Hiring an attorney during a divorce can provide legal expertise and guidance throughout the process. An attorney can help protect your rights, navigate complex legal procedures, and advocate for your best interests, especially when the situation becomes more challenging.

What happens when mistakes are made on divorce paperwork?

Mistakes on divorce paperwork can lead to confusion and potential complications in the divorce process. It is essential to correct any errors promptly to ensure accurate representation of important details, such as the length of the marriage, which can impact various aspects of the divorce settlement.

How does the involvement of attorneys affect a divorce case?

The involvement of attorneys can significantly impact the dynamics of a divorce case. Attorneys provide legal representation and advice, ensuring that their clients’ rights and interests are protected. However, the involvement of attorneys can also create a more adversarial environment, potentially leading to longer and more complicated legal proceedings.

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