Get A Free Book For A Limited Time

For a limited time I am giving away a free copy of my book to anyone that subscribes. The whole idea behind writing the book in the first place was to get this information into as many hands as possible to share the knowledge I have about divorce and my personal opinion of what the divorce process should look like.

The book is called, “Why You Don’t Need A Divorce Attorney – One Paralegal’s Take On Divorce, Responsibility and Compromise”. The idea behind the book was to share a better way of going through the divorce process by using services such as ours and even by using mediation. My hope is that you will learn that there are better ways to get divorced than having to hire a divorce attorney.

Many people don’t even know that services like mine exist to help them with their divorce. In fact, I was just doing a Google search and typed the words “divorce” and Google had already automatically placed the word “attorney” as the next word it thought I would be selecting. So Google does not help when you are looking for a different type of service which means you have to already know about a service like ours.

I did not write the book to make money from royalties, although that is happening. I make enough to pay for a Coffee each day and would rather give that up and provide a downloadable copy of the book for free as an added value to my clients and potential clients.

So make sure to sign up for your free copy of my book. There is a lot of good information in there and I discuss several topics related to divorce. Again, I think you will enjoy the book whether you are thinking about divorce or are in the middle of your divorce.

So grab your free copy.