Get The Facts About Divorce In Santa Clarita

We are known in Santa Clarita for providing the facts about divorce.  Pretty much that is all we talk about, day in and day out.

The interesting thing is that we have met with clients who have already consulted with a divorce attorney and they always tell us that they learned more about divorce and the divorce process than they did during a consultation with a lawyer.

In fact, we recently had a client write us a nice Yelp comment which basically said that after working and speaking with multiple attorneys,  she learned more from us than she did with them.

We must be really smart, huh?  But here is why there is a difference. When you go to speak to an attorney, they are going to talk to you about the law.  They are not going to tell you how to do things or about the divorce process because if you hire them, you will not be involved in all that goes into getting divorced.

The other reason we go into so much detail about the divorce process is because it answers the “Why” behind why things are being done.  Often an attorney will simply tell you they are going to do something, but not tell you why they are doing it.

We want you to know not only the “Why” behind things but the how, when and where.  You see, when you work with our divorce document preparation firm, you are representing yourself.  So it is important that you understand all that goes into making a decision and so you better understand what is happening at all points along the process.

We will give you the fact about divorce and give your options on how to handle them.  We will do everything except give you legal advice and represent you in court.  Outside of those restrictions, we can do just about everything else.