Happy New Year 2017 From Divorce661

Well it’s 6 a.m. on New Years day which should tell you something. First, we went to be right after the ball dropped at midnight, Eastern time or 9 p.m. here.  Second, I am an early riser and everyone else is still sleeping this Sunday morning leaving me time to write this quick post.

I enjoyed watching all the Facebook posts of my friends partying it up and having fun.  I hope all them returned safe to their homes and used Uber or Lyft to safely do so.

Yesterday my wife and I went over our goals for 2017.  We don’t like to call them resolutions as that word seems to imply less effort.

In my mind today is just another day. I know it is New Years day, but it is just another Sunday to me. I understand it is a new year and is a good time to reset and be able to look back on 2016 and where we are at now so we can plan for the future and see what progress we can make in the coming year.

One of my goals, at least from a business perspective, is to help as many people through the divorce process that I can. Not that I want people to get divorced, rather those that do decide to get divorced in 2017, I hope it is through my service that they do so.

I want to help as many people get divorced as I can because I know that with every client I help, I am helping them save $1,000’s of dollars on their divorce and that their divorce case is being handled professionally and correctly.

This is a good point to remind people that we are a Corporate Registered Legal Document Assistant company. This means that other than an attorney, we are the only other type of business who can legally help people with their divorce.

Many people are unaware that you cannot just be a paralegal and help people with their divorce. Paralegals are required to be supervised by an attorney. This means you have to hire an attorney for your divorce for the paralegal to be able to do their work.

So if you have hired a paralegal for your divorce or any other legal matter, they are not allowed by law to do that.  You either have to use an attorney or use a Legal Document Assistant like us.

I mention this because I get so many calls where people have paid money to a “paralegal” and they either just took their money and did not get the job done, or attempted to get the divorce done and did the paperwork improperly which resulted it the divorce case not being able to be finalized.

So if you are going to get divorced anywhere in California and you think your divorce case will be somewhat amicable, please give us a call so we can talk you through what we can do for you and see if you are a good fit for our service.

Have a Happy New Year 2017 from Divorce 661