Have Your Out Of Country Spouse Be The Petitioner In Your California Divorce

Hi. Tim Blankenship up here with Divorce661.com and in this video were talking about, what should you do when filing for divorce when one of the spouses lives out of country.

It happens more than you think. So if this is you, it is something that happens quite a bit. If you are amicable what we recommend is that you have the person, the spouse out of country be the filing party.

And here’s why, if you do a default with agreement divorce then that divorce case needs to be notarized and that usually only applies to the respondent. So if you have the out-of-country spouse file, they do not need to get their documents notarized which is good because the only notary the court would allow is from the consulate which can be a pain in the butt to get. So have the filing party be the party out of country. Tim Blankenship, Divorce661.com