How Divorce Document Preparation Works | California Divorce

Hi! My name is Tim Blankenship, owner of SCV Legal Doc Assist. I’m a licensed and bonded legal document assistant registered in the County of Los Angeles. Today, I want to talk to you a little bit about what you can expect when you call our firm.

When you give us a call, the first process we’ll utilize is to have a phone consultation where we’ll ask you a series of questions on a better understanding of what your specific circumstances are and what you’re going through as far as your divorce is concerned.

Once we get a good idea of what the process is, we will discuss what the costs would be to prepare your specific forms and get you through the divorce process.

As far as the divorce process is concerned, we have broken it down into three digestible steps. The divorce process can be overwhelming at times so we have broken it down into these three steps which I’ll cover now.

The first process we will run you through is to file the initial paperwork. This will be the summons, the petitions and any remaining paperwork that is necessary based on your circumstances, whether you have kids and things at that nature. Once that is filed, we can serve that on the other spouse which will officially start the divorce process.

Part two is where we will have both parties prepare their financial disclosures. We can work with both parties to complete their financial disclosures and get those file with the court so we could move on to step three.

Step three is preparing the judgment. The judgment essentially takes all the information from the financial disclosures and all the wishes of both parties in an uncontested manner and documents the division of assets and debts and in any other parts of the divorce that you want included in the judgment will be wrapped up and included in the language of the judgment.

So that’s how we break it into three digestible steps and that’s a little bit about how our process works. When you do call us, we will talk to you more in detail about the process and exactly what you can expect, the time frames and so forth.