How Do I File For Divorce When Both Parties Agree In Santa Clarita?

how do i file for divorce when both parties agree in santa clarita

How Do I File For Divorce When Both Parties Agree In Santa Clarita?

There are different ways to file for divorce.   When both parties agree to their divorce and when you don’t.

There are several benefits to being in agreement with your spouse when deciding to file for divorce in Santa Clarita


When both parties agree to their divorce and the terms of their divorce the best option is to use a neutral third party to handle your divorce case.

If you are in agreement it makes no sense for each of you to obtain different divorce service providers.

This will just cause problems and add to your cost unnecessarily.

At Divorce661, we work with both parties in every divorce case.  We charge a single flat fee that covers both parties and the entire divorce process from beginning to end.


Divorce attorneys are only needed when you and your spouse do not agree and when you think you may be headed to court.

They are also good when you just want to get some legal advice.

But if you agree to the terms of your divorce there is no court requirement.  You will never see a judge or even step foot into court when you use our Santa Clarita divorce service.


Another benefit is how fast we can finalize your divorce.  Depending on how far along you are on reaching an agreement, really dictates how fast we can complete your divorce.

Some clients call us and already have discussed the terms of their divorce.  In these cases, we can complete all their divorce paperwork and court fling within a few days.

Some clients have only discussed the fact that want to remain amicable and intend on reaching an agreement out of court and without the need for attorneys.

In these cases, the divorce process only takes as long as it takes for our clients to advise us of the terms of their agreement.

Still, we are taking maybe a few weeks. Never months.

The 6 month cooling off period still applies.  But we are having our clients’ divorce cases completed and finalized by the court in less than 3 months usually.

This means the court has approved it and the divorce case is done.  Then what the court does is post date the effectiveness of the dissolution of marriage out to the 6 month mark.

Think of it as a pre-approval of the divorce just pending the date of divorce to pass.

In any case our clients are happy to have their paperwork completed in a few days vs. stretching it out over months.


As mentioned earlier we work with both clients. We handle all the preparation and filing of all court documents.

The only requirement for our clients is that they provide us with the information we need to put them through the divorce process.

Some of our clients have a full agreement in place.  Some need to discuss it.

Others need a little bit more information from us as far as what are their options which we are able to provide so they can then make a decision.