San Diego North County Judgment Processing Timelines

San Diego North County Divorce Court Judgment

San Diego North County Judgment Processing Timelines

This article is specifically discussing the San Diego North County judgment processing timelines we are currently seeing.

We handle divorce cases anywhere in California. And in doing so we are able to keep up to date with various court processing timelines.

And we try to publish this information for our clients and the public to have an understanding of some of the court delays we are currently seeing.

Our last few divorce judgments that we submitted to San Diego’s North County divorce court all took about 4 months once the court received it.

We are usually submitting our divorce judgments well in advance of the 6 month cooling off period. So the result of this 4 month delay is not causing our clients divorce cases to extend much, if at all, beyond the 6 month mark.

With out divorce service we usually have our clients divorce case wrapped up in a few days to a week or so.

It is a good thing that we do as this allows for any lengthy court delay which varies by County.

6 Months Is The Soonest Your Divorce Can Finalize

The 6 months is just the soonest your California divorce can be finalized.  It is not a deadline by any means.  And the divorce process can go well over the 6 months.

That does not usually happen with our clients.  As I mentioned, we usually have the divorce paperwork done in a few days or weeks.

This allows us to submit the judgment for review and not cause any delays beyond the 6 months.

How We Process Our Divorce Cases Faster

People wonder how we are able to process divorce cases so fast.

The answer is that we don’t spread the different stages of the divorce process over several months.

Instead we do everything all at once.  We do this so our clients don’t have to go back and forth with over time.

They are able to focus on their divorce case and end up working with us for just a short period of time.