How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Divorce – Santa Clarita

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Divorce – Santa Clarita

You know we talk about the costs of divorce quite a bit here. And I have another update about the costs of divorce in Santa Clarita.

This article asks the question, “How much are you willing to spend on your divorce in Santa Clarita”

This week I met with 2 clients who, prior to meeting with me, consulted with an attorney to find out how much it would cost.

The first couple went together to a single attorney. They explained they had a simple, uncontested divorce and simply wanted the divorce paperwork completed to reflect their agreement.

They were shocked to learn the attorney wanted $3,500 to complete this process. Could you imagine spending $3,500 for someone to type of legal forms?

The second couple i met with each paid $300 for a 1 hour consultation to 2 different attorneys. They were each quoted a fee of $5,000. If my math is correct, that comes to $10,000 to complete their divorce.

These prices attorney’s are charging fall inline with the average costs of divorce which are at $15,000.

These prices are prohibitive for many and in my opinion these costs of divorce are ridiculous.

But as long as divorce attorneys continue to charge outrageous fees for divorce, I will have a successful divorce paralegal service in Santa Clarita.