How To Get Affordable Access To Divorce Services In Santa Clarita

I have spoke about the issues surrounding the high costs of obtaining legal services for divorce.  The costs are outrageous and folks going through divorce are no longer willing to pay these high costs.  Why?  Well, for one, they don’t see the value in what attorneys are offering.

Divorce attorneys are starting to feel the heat as more and more attorneys enter the marketplace and more and more potential clients opt for other solutions to assist them with their divorce.

Take our divorce services for example.  What started as a simple divorce document preparation firm now resulted in our handling even the most complex divorce cases that go to trial.  Of course, our clients are representing themselves, but they are saving countless thousands in legal fees.

The benefit is that they have professionally prepared divorce documents and access to our legal document assistants that have worked in the courts, for large law firms and in the self help centers who can provide information on court procedure and how to get through their divorce.

Demand for our divorce service in Santa Clarita is very high right now and I believe that divorce attorneys are losing business to us.  Of course, there will always be a need for legal advice and representation in court, but outside of that, we are able to take a divorce case from start to finish.

The interesting thing is that attorneys are trying to find a way around this and not lose business to companies like ours.  There is a lot of talk about unbundled divorce services, otherwise known as limited scope representation.

Whenever a client of mine has to use an attorney, I always advise them to use an attorney for in a limited scope fashion instead of an outright retainer for their services.  This is a more cost effective way of hiring an attorney for your divorce.

Attorneys have realized the need to provide limited scope divorce services because of the high cost of full attorney representation.  They realize that many people are unwilling to pay the high fees or flat out can’t afford it.  And if they want to capture some of that revenue they are going to have to figure out a way to offer services that are a little more affordable.