How To Get Your Spouse To Pay Your Attorney Fees – Santa Clarita Divorce

Lately i have been coming across several clients who truly need to hire an attorney due to the nature of their divorce, but are unable to hire one due to lack of money.

In most cases, it has been because of lack of access to money, either because the spouse was a stay at home mom and never had access to the main accounts or because they were cut off when their spouse closed the account so they would not have any money.

So what are you to do when this happens? Sadly, divorce attorneys will not take your case if you don't have any money to retain them. Trust me, I have tried to find an attorney that would do this. They are non-existent.

What you need to do in cases like this is to ask the court to make an order that your spouse pay some of your attorneys fees to you have access to representation. There is a law that says both parties should have equal access to representation. The courts have even said that they are willing to make awards for attorney fees to clients that need them.

The problem is that how to you get a hearing for attorney fees if you can't get an attorney until you have the money?

Here is what I have done for the last couple of clients who have been in this situation. The goal is to file for divorce and complete the necessary request for order motion for attorney fees so we can get a court date set for a hearing.

We will literally prepare all the documents to get you one your way toward a court date where you can ask the judge to make an order that your spouse pay some or all of your attorney fees.

Once you have had your hearing with the judge and they have awarded attorney fees, you can then go out and hire an attorney. The nice thing about working with us is that you will not have spent a bunch on money on an attorney up to this point and no you can move on from where we left off.

If you find yourself in this position, please feel free to give us a call so we can discuss helping you obtain attorney fees so you can hire an attorney for your divorce.