How To Modify Your California Divorce Judgment

If you finish your divorce and you’re looking to modify the terms of your divorce ,some part of the agreement and you and your spouse agree to these changes, you can avoid Court by filing. A modification of your judgment.

We do maybe 10 or 15 of these per month. We have either past clients calling or in many cases clients that were not of ours who went through divorce years ago and they want to modify some terms of their divorce agreement.

This is simply done through a modification. It’s a stipulation that we draft and we simply State what the changes are and you guys sign it. We file it. There’s a small Court fee and then you are done. There’s no court appearance. You don’t have to battle it out in court. You don’t have to talk to a judge. You just sign the stipulation, the agreement that modifies your judgment and you’re good to go.