I Found Your California Divorce Service On YouTube

Whenever people call me, I always make sure to ask how they heard about our California divorce service.  I know the answer is going to be “online”, but now that we have over 300 videos on Youtube, the answer we are getting more and more is, “I found you on Youtube”.

Youtube has been a great outlet for getting the California divorce information out to people.  We have always had the mindset that we should not be fearful of giving people free information.

Others in this industry feel that by giving out free information or telling people how to do something will result in not getting their business.

I think it is exactly the opposite.  But I don’t want to encourage others to do what I am doing as I am doing quite well being the only player, for the most part, giving out helpful information about California divorce on Youtube and other video channels.

We are glad people are finding us on Youtube and watching our videos.  We see that we are getting about 200 views per day which isn’t bad considering we are talking about a very narrow subject of divorce.

Our videos are mostly instructional, how to fill out forms and information about the divorce process, etc., so we are not expecting any of our YouTube videos to go viral, but we are satisfied when someone calls us saying they found us on Youtube and then decides to use our service.

So we encourage you to watch our videos on our Youtube channel.  Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/user/divorce661/videos

You can also watch our divorce videos by clicking on the navigation button on this website under “Videos”.

If you have any questions about divorce in California please make sure to give us a call.  We are able to help prepare your divorce case anywhere in California and are headquartered in Santa Clarita, California, just outside of Los Angeles.