Information You Need To File For Divorce In California | Santa Clarita Divorce Service

Many people feel that they need to have everything figured out regarding their divorce before they file.  This is not true.

In this post, we will discuss the basic information and forms you need to file your case in California.

The first form you will need is the Petition.  This is form FL-100 and will contain most of the information about your requests and statistical information about your marriage.  Here is the information you need to complete the Petition for divorce.

  1. Your name, address and phone number
  2. Your spouses name address and phone number
  3. Date of marriage
  4. Date of separation
  5. Children’s names, date of birth and city & state they were born
  6. Your requests for legal and physical custody of the children
  7. Who is going to pay attorney fees?
  8. Do you want spousal support?
  9. Do you want to pay spousal support?

That is all the information you need to file the divorce Petition in California.

Next is the divorce summons.  This form only contains your name and address. It is fairly straight forward and does not even require a signature.

Depending on what county you file for divorce in, there will be some kind of case assignment sheet.  They go by different names.   It may be called a “Family Law Case Cover Sheet” or “Notice of Case Assignment”  All it is for is to let the court know where you reside so they can make sure you are filing in the proper court.

The last form you will need is the UCCJEA.  This form wants to know the names of your children and where they have lived for the last 5 years.  The court also wants to know if there are any other cases involving your minor children.

So there are only 3 forms you need to file for divorce.  There are 4 if you have children.

You don’t need much information to file for divorce in California.

When you use our Santa Clarita divorce service, these are the first set of divorce forms we will complete for you and which will be filed with the court and served on your spouse.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm that specializes in divorce.  Please give us a call for more information.