LA County Family Law Now Allowing Judgments To Be E-Filed

Tim Blankenship here with And what we’re talking about today is Los Angeles County family law finally got their act together and now allow for judgments to be e-filed. This is a game-changer. We’ve been doing this for 10 years and this really is a game changer as far as the speed we will be able to deliver our service.

We have always been on the cutting edge of technology with our my-case portal, electronic signatures, but the courts have always been behind the times. And we’re very thankful that LA county is now allowing for electronic signatures.

About six months ago they started allowing us to e-file the petition, which also was a game changer because before that, we had to have an attorney service walk them in, they would sit there, take a couple days to get filed and then we’d get them back. But now with the e-file of the petitions, we are able to get a confirmation that has been received. It still takes a day or so to get back. But at least we get that confirmation that they have it.

Same now goes with the Judgment now that we can submit the Judgment electronically, we can give our clients a confirmation that their judgment has, in fact, been submitted. Before, we had to package it up, make four or five copies, create all the envelopes and submit it to the court, but they would not provide us any type of confirmation because unlike the petition or other documents you file, where it goes to the clerk and they stamp it and give you a copy.

That doesn’t happen with the Judgment. When we submit the Judgment it has to be submitted to the Judgment clerk who then has to open up your file and then they process your judgment once they get to it, and that can be in one, two, three or four months lately has been the delay. At least now, we have a confirmation.

Once we submit it we’ll get email confirmation that it’s been submitted and we can get that over to our client so they know their judgment has, in fact, been submitted. Now, I don’t suspect that the Judgment processing timeline will be any better. But at least once it is processed, we will then get a confirmation that it’s been approved an email of the conformed judgment.

So this really is a game changer. If you’re using our service, everything now is done entirely electronic at least for a Los Angeles County is concerned. From petition to judgment, everything is signed through our portal. You can even upload now to our portal your signed and notarized judgment page. No longer do you have to mail those into our office?

So, again, this really is a game changer. And after doing this for 10 years, we’re really glad that technology is catching up with us.

Tim Blankenship,, I hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.