LegalZoom Placing Divorce Vending Machines In California Courthouses

I just read that LegalZoom is planning on placing vending machines inside California Courthouses.  It appears that soon you will be able to pick up a video at Redbox and then prepare your divorce papers at the machine next to it.

I have to admit, I had to read the article twice.  I actually came across the article in a divorce forum I am part of on LinkedIn.  It even says that they are already in production on the machines!

It appears that the machines will not only help in divorce cases, but like their online service, will apparently draft all sorts of legal documents.

If you have read any of my articles that I have written about LegalZoom’s  service you know that there is much to be desired.

I think this article said it best.  They quoted a Court employee as stating who said, “He would definitely use LegalZoom if he had a case he didn’t care about or wanted to purposely sabotage”.

The spokesman they spoke to at LegalZoom even commented that the documents the machines produce will not be perfect and you may get a wrong form or form incorrectly completed.

We have steered clear of providing an online automated document assembly service, which is what these companies are.  How can you produce a quality legal document by a computer?

I had a client use LegalZoom and accidentally hit the submit button on his computer when he was not done.  Several days later, he received his “prepared” divorce documents in the mail.  They were completely blank except for his name and address (which is the only part he had completed).

Do you want this type of service when you are going through a divorce.  It is obvious that nobody every looks at your divorce documents to see if they are correct, or even filled out for that matter.

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The funny thing is that at the end of the day our full service divorce process will actually cost you less in the end.