Like Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service On Facebook

We have been working on our Facebook pages lately and have begun a marketing campaign using Facebook pay per click.  We have done Facebook marketing in the past, but it has been difficult to determine if there is any benefit in doing so.

We do a lot of online marketing with our blogs and pay per click on Google, but those people are conducting a search for us purposely. The Facebook ads are more like a commercial in that they just appear whether your are looking for us or not.  So I would imagine that it is more of a branding and letting people know we are here and may result in future business, but no direct correlation between them clicking our ad which results in business.

This is much different than our pay per click ads on Google search, as those people are specific looking for our service.  The costs of our Google adwords each month can be directly tied to the amount of business we get in a given month.

So we are trying to raise our marketing efforts on Facebook to have a greater presence and hope that people find us and, of course, later use our divorce service in Santa Clarita.

That said, make sure to “Like” of Facebook page.  You can find our Santa Clarita Divorce Service on Facebook by clicking the link we just highlighted.  We are hoping be getting more likes on Facebook that we can gain additional exposure to our divorce service and eventually earn the trust of folks who will later use our service or refer our divorce service to their friends and family.