Most QDRO Companies Don’t Do The Court Filing Process

What we’re talking about today is selecting a service like ours or others to prepare a QDRO for your divorce when you need a pension or 401K divided.

I was just talking with someone who had been calling around and finding out that most people will not handle the court filing process. They’ll draft the QDRO and then say, here’s your QDRO, file with the court deal with the plan administrator get the approval and doing all the work on the back end themselves.

Our service is a full-service meaning we draft the QDRO. We draft the joinder that’s required in California. We deal directly with the court and getting those filed. We deal directly with the plan administrator and getting the QDRO’s approved, get them filed by the court and finalizing your QDRO from start to finish.

So just be careful if you’re calling around and you finding the fees to be a little bit lower than you might think they should be, it’s because they’re not handling it as a full-service. They’re just doing the QDRO itself and leaving the hard work and filing up to you.