Not Filing For California Divorce Because Of Kids?

I can’ tell you how many people I get coming into our Santa Clarita office to file for divorce a few weeks after their kids have turned 18.

In most cases this has been a planned event and the only reason that they stayed together was for the sake of the kids.  Man, we will do anything for our kids, won’t we?

Most of the women say they have stayed long past the point where they knew their marriage was over.

I read an article recently that gave an interesting twist on this subject and stated that they became a better mom after getting a divorce!

So let’s get into this a bit.  Statistics tell us that when children grow up in a home with a mom and a dad, kids will turn out better.  Of course this has a lot to do with actual parenting.

In this article, mom decided that it was better to file for divorce and move on, rather than keeping up pretenses.  And I would have to agree with that.  At least the part about now spending all her energy to keep up the appearances of a marriage.

Kids are not stupid.  They know when something is not right and when mommy and daddy are not getting along.  You are just not the same and they can feel it.  I have worked with enough divorcing parents to know.

You may not want to admit that your kids know or have a feeling something is wrong and that is understandable.  But from the parents I have spoke with, the kids were glad to have finally have been told what is going on as it eliminates the mystery for them.  Of course, this depends on the age of your children.

Whether staying together or getting a divorce is best for your children, only time will tell and everybody’s situation will be different.  I don’t think there is any cookie cutter or easy answer to this.  Waiting to file for divorce is similar to waiting until the holidays are over to file for divorce.

For the mom in this article, it appears that filing for divorce ended up being the best solution.

Where do you way in on this?  Make sure to leave a comment below.