Notarize Santa Clarita Divorce Papers Required?

Notarize Santa Clarita Divorce Papers Required?

Do you need to have your Santa Clarita divorce papers notarized? This is a question I get a lot. In the past I provided the different reasons of when you would need to notarize certain divorce papers and when you didn’t.

For instance, In an uncontested case, you do not normally need to have your final judgment papers notarized. But some of the courts over the last few years have modified this and put in their own rules.

For instance, one court, even with uncontested divorce cases, that where a petition and a response was file in the divorce case one court in Los Angeles County began requiring both signatures to be notarized on uncontested divorce cases when it was a marriage of long duration (over 10 years) and they were asking the court to terminate the jurisdiction over the issue of spousal support.

In another case, a default with agreement (where no response is filed, but the parties enter into a written agreement) normally only the Respondent, who did not file a Response needs to have their signature notarized.

So you can see it can be very confusing on when and when you don’t need to have your signature notarized on your divorce judgment. So instead of trying to explain this to everyone and to make things simpler we simply ask all our Santa Clarita Divorce clients to notarize their signatures on the divorce judgment in all cases.

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