Number 1 Santa Clarita Divorce Firm On YELP!

We are the number one divorce paralegal firm in Yelp.  In fact, we are the number one divorce firm in Santa Clarita among all attorneys and paralegals in Santa Clarita.

We have been fortunate to have great clients in Santa Clarita and throughout California who are going through divorce and who have left us great reviews. We work really hard to provide a great divorce service in Santa Clarita and think the reviews speak for themselves.

When going through a divorce in Santa Clarita, you have to make sure you choose a divorce firm that understands the divorce process and can get you through your divorce regardless of what happens.

What happens in this industry is that there are people out there offering divorce services in Santa Clarita that are not licensed to do divorce cases or even work directly with the public to help people with their divorce.

This is not so much a problem in Santa Clarita as it is in other cities in Los Angeles County.  You have to be registered and bonded to assist folks with divorce as an LDA or Legal Document Assistant.  While the industry is regulated, there is not much policing of those folks who offer divorce services in Santa Clarita.

We are a full service divorce paralegal firm (LDA) in Santa Clarita, CA and serve not only the city of Santa Clarita but all of Los Angeles County and California.  Because we specialize in only divorce in California, we have become the go-to company that people turn to when they are looking for an affordable divorce service.

We are the only Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal firm in Santa Clarita that is licensed and bonded to work with clients going through divorce in Santa Clarita.  We are fortunate to be the leader in filing divorce cases in Santa Clarita and have a good reputation in our community.

We have all 5 star reviews on all of our review sites, including Yelp and are thankful to our clients who have stepped up and completed reviees on Yelp for us.

We know that a lot of people turn to Yelp, no so much to find us, as our blogs and videos take care of that, but they turn to Yelp to do research on us and make sure we are a good fit for them and that the community has given us positve reviews.