Original Signatures Required On Santa Clarita Divorce Forms?

Original Signatures Required On Santa Clarita Divorce Forms?

Do you need original signatures on your divorce paperwork? For the most part the answer is yes. However there are many forms where you can file a fax or scan signature.

The reason this is important to know is that many times you can file your paperwork with a scan or just a fax of your signature. Now, if you are doing your own divorce, likely this is not an issues as when you go to file your divorce paperwork with the court, you will be walking in your paperwork, so you will likely have original signatures. (keep reading below video)

However, the folks that use our Santa Clarita divorce service it is important to know that you don’t need original signatures on certain divorce documents.

Here is how it works when you use our Santa Clarita Divorce service. When you get started with us, we don’t need original signatures on the Petition, Summons (no signature on that form anyways), UCCJEA – FL-105 or the Family Law Case Cover Sheet form FAM-020.

The reason I have gone to the trouble to explain this is that if you are using our full service divorce we can get your Santa Clarita divorce started via email or fax. When folks hire us we get started immediately and send out the initial court documents for signature. We ask that you simply fax or scan these documents back to us so we can file with the court.

Yes, we can file these initial court documents with the court with just a fax of scan signature. This allows us to get started with your divorce case without delay.

The other forms that the court will accept with a fax or scanned signature are the financial disclosures which are the following forms FL-141 and the FL-150.

When it comes time to submit your divorce judgment forms, you will need original signatures on all of those documents.