Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service Works With Both Spouses

When you work with our Santa Clarita divorce service, we will work with both spouses for the same flat fee.  We wanted to clear that up as yesterday we were asked if the prices we advertise were “per person’.  I want to assure you that  they are not.

Because we are not attorneys and are not a law firm, we don’t represent either side.  We are here to facilitate the process the best way we can so we can complete your divorce as fast and painless as possible.

Because we are not representing either side, we act as a “neutral” to work with both parties to complete the divorce process.

This can be accomplished in a couple different ways.

First, both you and your spouse can come into our office together at the same time for the initial appointment with us.  This can be beneficial so all of us are on the same page from the beginning of the process so nobody feels like one party has the advantage over the other.

Another way is to come in alone to get the divorce process started.  It really does not matter to us if you come in alone to get the divorce started or bring your spouse with you.  I would say it is an even split on which way people decide.

I would say to do whatever you think would be best in your circumstances.  If you think coming in together would be better so you can both meet me and get a comfort level, great! If you have spoke to your spouse and have agreed on the divorce and you want to come alone, that is great also.

Just use your best judgment and let us know.  It won’t change anything we do.

In fact, there is nothing for the other spouse to do other than meeting us at the first appointment because there is nothing to sign.  All we need is the person who is going to file for divorce at the appointment.  The other spouse could come in a few days later to pick up a copy of the divorce papers after they have been filed.

Divorce does not have to be complicated.  We can help you navigate the divorce process.

We prepare, file, serve and complete your entire divorce case for both spouses for one flat fee.

Please give us a call for more information.