Professional Divorce Service In Santa Clarita | SCV Divorce

When people are looking for an affordable way to get divorced in Santa Clarita, many chose to use our professional divorce service.  We are the only licensed and bonded divorce document preparation firm in Santa Clarita.

What makes us a professional divorce service?  That is a good question.

First off, we have the experience it takes to get your divorce completed.  Our experience started in the self help centers in the Los Angeles Family Law courts many years ago.  Cutting our teeth learning the divorce process from the ground up while assisting people who could not afford an attorney.

The next thing we did is complete an internship with the family law department in the Los Angeles Superior Courts.  We worked at the Lancaster Branch, Central Branch and San Fernando Branch.  We sat with the family law clerks and learned from the judges as we sat and assisted the judicial assistants in the court room.  We still have our foot in the door with the Los Angeles Superior Court and still assist them to this day.

After working at the court, we worked for one of Santa Clarita’s largest family law firms for over 2 years.  We gained insights from the attorney perspective.  It was only after numerous year of experience with the divorce courts and family law attorneys, did we start our divorce document preparation service in Santa Clarita.

So that pretty much sums up our experience.  Since starting our professional divorce service, we have gained great strides and our business continues to expand.  We now prepare approximately 6-8 new divorce cases every week here from our little office.

Folks are beginning to realized that when it comes to getting a divorce in Santa Clarita and the surrounding Los Angeles area, that we are the place to go for professional divorce services.

One of the things we have done that has made us successful is that we decided early on that we would only do divorce cases. We are not the only licensed and bonded legal document preparation service in Los Angeles, but we are the only ones that specialize in only divorce cases.  This makes us the obvious choice when you decide to get divorced in Santa Clarita.

We are Santa Clarita’s only professional divorce service.  Please give us a call for more information.