Really?? $2,000 For A Simple Divorce?? Call Me, Let’s Talk

The other day I helped clients with a simple divorce in Santa Clarita. They were married for less than a year, they had no children and no assets or debts. Not to mention both parties were very young still under 20 years old.

They had called around in Santa Clarita thinking they needed an attorney for their divorce and only after they were quoted between $2000 and $5000 to handle their divorce did he attempt to look for alternatives to get help with their divorce in Santa Clarita.

Because we worked on fixed fee pricing and our pricing is right on the front page of our website, they found our site while driving around town and gave me a call.

I had them come into the office and took a look at what they had and their case couldn’t have been any more simple or straightforward. In about two hours I completed all of the paperwork for their divorce and they paid a flat fee of just $699.

Their question to me was why are the costs for Attorneys so high and why did they get quotes from between $2000 and $5000? My answer was I honestly think divorce attorneys size people up and try and figure out how much they can get out of people. But what is frustrating is that had these clients not found my divorce service in Santa Clarita they would’ve ended up paying several thousand dollars which they did not have to.

This couple had a divorce case that was simple enough for me to handle in my office in less than two hours. Had they gone to an attorney and spent those several thousand dollars I guarantee their divorce case still would not be even close to being started or complete. This is because attorneys work off of billable hours and they don’t want to complete a divorce case quickly. They would rather take a two to $5000 retainer and Bill hourly until it’s gone and then mysteriously the divorce case might be finished.

When we handle divorce cases of any level of complexity, we do it on a flat fee pricing schedule. We handle all levels of complexity when it comes to divorce the only prerequisite in working with us is that you and your spouse are somewhat going to work together to try and come to an agreement related to the terms of your divorce.

The short story here is there are alternatives to using a divorce attorney in Santa Clarita. We handle divorce cases all throughout California for a flat fee. 90% of the work we do for clients it’s spread out across California and our work is done remotely with no office appointment even necessary.

So if you’re looking for help with your divorce in Santa Clarita or anywhere in California make sure to give me a call so we can talk about your specific situation and see if our services would be a good fit for you.