Recommitting To Providing Valuable Content & Marketing Efforts

Today I took a few hours to myself.  With all the hustle of owning a business one can get caught up in the day to day of business and life and forget to take a step back and a moment to see what is going on.

Today was that day.  I did not plan for it, however it just turned out that way.  I woke up, realized I had no clients physically coming into the office (at least to see me) and decided to take some time to check in with me.

I started the day walking my dog for an hour along a beautiful path behind my house in North Park.  You would think taking a day for “me” would mean being with myself and not working or focusing on business, but it guess it is just in my DNA at this point.

I am referring to the fact that while I was walking, I decided to record a video.  I was listening to a podcast and recalling a conversation I had with someone in the “divorce space” who said they had watched a video of me where I was recording in my vehicle.  He said that the thought I must not be doing well, business wise, if i have been reduced to having to record while in my car as opposed to in my office.

So I recorded a short 2 minute video on my walk, on my phone to tell people about this thought process someone had about my business.

And when I explained to this person that I had intentionally recorded these videos in my car, he was a little surprised.  I told him that I was not making videos in my car because I didn’t have an office, rather I intentionally recorded these in my care for several reasons.

The first reason is to make good use of my time.  I find myself frequently in line at Starbucks or other places and have a few minutes of staring at the car in front of me.  I take those moments to record my videos or podcasts.  Sorry, I am just efficient in that way.

Second, I want to give my viewers a little bit of change of scenery when they are watching my videos. At this point I have recorded over 800 videos.  Mostly these videos are from my office.  I had a trusted friend tell me one day that he thought it would be good to see me shooting videos in different locations and situations.  The car just became one of those.

So I going back to my walk, I decided to make a video on just this. Explaining to anyone else that may have though I was shooting video in my car because I was office-less, to ensure them that this was for their enjoyment and to just mix things up a bit.

Here is the link to the video on our Facebook page

In any event, this day of being with “me” helped me to realize that I needed to recommit to providing more videos and content. Now, you may be saying, “Tim, you do a video nearly every day and have over 800 videos”. Yes, that is true, but I have really been holding back. Meaning I have enough to say to provide 5 videos a day. I used to do that, but I find myself getting busy with doing the job that sometimes that takes away from promoting my business and providing helpful information online.

The other thing I am doing today is reading.  I wish I had more time to read.  I am not a casual reader, however.  I am usually reading business books on marketing and how to grow a business. Today, I received in the mail (yes, I like to feel paper still) my new book, #AskGaryVee.  Yes, that is the name of it.  You either know who this is or don’t, but I am not going to spend the time explaining other to say it is someone you should be listening to if you own a business and are in a space where your life is about marketing.

It is books like these that reaffirm what I am doing and what I need to be doing.  What I have done in the past to have a successful business and what I need to do forging ahead.

So what can you expect? Much more “hustle” and getting the word out about my business and providing valuable free information about divorce and the business I am in.

Talk to you later.