Santa Clarita Business Podcast : A New Venture w/ SCV Local

I have been very fortunate to have started a divorce company in Valencia from the ground up.  Literally started on a shoe-string budget out of my loft years ago.  I wasn’t fortunate because of dump luck, rather out of sheer determination to learn how to market my business properly.

But it was difficult.  I had to learn how to build a website, blog, podcast, create videos and learn everything about marketing so I could grow my business.

These are difficulties most new business’s will face.

But why does it seem we, as business owners, are all alone in trying to figure out how to have a successful business?  I know I felt that way.

So to try to help out local business’s in Santa Clarita I decided to start a little project.  Well, it started off as a little project, I just didn’t realize how much time it would take.  It is like running a whole new business.

Anyways, the idea was to create the first Santa Clarita Business Podcast dedicated to interviews of local Santa Clarita businesses.  The idea was to give them exposure in an entirely different way.

Introducing SCV Local.  Santa Clarita’s first local business podcast.

Here you will find interviews of locally owned and operated Santa Clarita business’s and the interviews will be hosted not only on the website, but through it’s own podcast on iTunes.  These will be long form podcast interviews that will go beyond just talking about the business, but will talk about the person behind the business.

I personally think it will be very interesting to learn about our local business owners.

Make sure to check it out if you get a chance. There will be new interviews done every day.