Santa Clarita Divorce | Can I Move After Filing For Divorce In California

What do you do if you have filed for divorce in California and then learn that you will be moving out of State or even out of the County or Country?  Now, i am not talking about divorce cases where there will be numerous trials, but I am talking about a divorce case where you are mostly amicable with your spouse and trying to just get your divorce case  completed.

There are two questions I get about this issue.  The first is, ” Can i move out of the County or out of State if my divorce case is still pending?”  The answer is, “Yes.”  Keep in mind that I am not talking about you having kids and all that, just the fact that you don’t have to have your California divorce case completed prior to moving out of state.

The second question is, “Can we help someone who is living out of State to Complete their California divorce case?”  Again, the answer is, “Yes.”

If you are going to move out of the area at some point during the divorce process or find yourself not local to the court when going through a California divorce, you will need our service more than someone who is here.

Let me explain.  The only way to complete your divorce case in California is to prepare, file and serve all the necessary documents in order to complete your case.  This is challenging enough for people who are nearby and can obtain help when needed, but you are even more disadvantaged if you don’t live nearby.

Everything you do will have to be done by mail and that will be a real nightmare for sure.

So i will leave you with this.  If you are living out of state or plan on moving our of State and going through a divorce in California, we can assist you in completing your divorce case regardless of where you live.