Santa Clarita Divorce | Changing Name With Social Security After Divorce

When you go through the divorce process, one of the options you will have is whether or not you want to change back to your former maiden name after the divorce.

The benefit of having your name converted back during the divorce is that you can use the divorce judgment as evidence of the name change which will make it easier when you go to change it with such places as the Social Security Administration.

The reason we are discussing this is because we recently had a client who said she had a problem when trying to change her name with the Social Security office.

What she reported is that the SSA office she went to were asking for a certified copy of the divorce judgment.  I was surprised to here this because over the last 4 to 5 years doing this I have never heard anyone having a problem changing their name with the Social Security office.

The issues was that this employee of the SSA was asking for a certified copy of the judgment.  The short story was our client went to Social Security, took time from work and then was turned away.  She was frustrated that they would not accept the judgment as is.

I had explained to our client that this has never been an issue and that the court does not issue certified copies of the divorce judgment when the divorce case is finished.

So i did a little research and came across the Social Security Website where is discusses what you need to make a change to your name with Social Security.  What i found it to say is that the only time you need a certified copy of anything is when producing documents and requesting an original Social Security card for the first time

Nowhere does it say you need a certified copy of your judgment when changing your name after a divorce.  You can click here on this link to be directed to the Social Security website that discusses this issue.

In any event, i think it is wise to contact your local Social Security office you will be going to so you can verify their requirements prior to taking time off of work so you are not turned away once you are there.