Santa Clarita Divorce | Divorce Assistance Via Live Chat On Divorce661.Com

If you have been to our website you may have noticed a green tab on the right hand side about half way down that says “Live Support”  This is a chat feature we have installed to allow for people who are visiting our site an easy way to ask questions if they are either not ready to pick up the phone or possibly can’t because they are at work and can’t discuss things over the phone.

It is a pretty popular function that people take advantage of. I actually man the live chat when it is on and I am available to be at my computer to answer questions as they come in.

When people are going through divorce they have lots of questions. That is why we have so much information out there in a variety of formats like our blog, podcast and Youtube channel.  In an industry that does not like to share information or provide answers to questions for free, out clients and people who find us are happy that we are out there providing this information.

The chat feature is just another way we are trying to help people get through their divorce in California.  While I wish I had time to man it 24 hours a day, I try to at least have the chat feature available a few hours a day when I am not with clients and sitting at my desk writing motions, etc.

So feel free to jump on board and use the chat feature if you are not able to call in.