Santa Clarita Divorce | Divorce Podcast On Soundcloud

One of the things I spend most of my time on to grow my business is to focus on giving people what they want? What do people want? They want information.

The legal industry is interesting. Most people attorneys keep information to themselves and don’t want to explain how things work because they are afraid you will realize that you might not need them.

I have always taken an opposite approach and spend most of my time giving out information in a variety of different formats.

We have information on our blogs, Facebook, a Youtube Channel as well as our podcast. We have been focusing our attention on Soundcloud lately so people can listen to the information we are giving out instead of having to read it.

We have found that people are starting to get away from reading and are consuming content on video or audio. Anything but reading it seems, but we still have to write as this is the only way for the search engines to find us because other than Youtube, search engines cannot hear what is in the podcasts.

Let me know if this is true for you.  How do you get your content for information you are looking for?