Santa Clarita Divorce | Don’t Get Scammed With Your Divorce

On a fairly frequent basis, I receive calls from people who have had a bad experience with another divorce paralegal firm. I hate getting these calls because we have to suffer the consequences of this when they call us.

They assume that all divorce paralegal firms are the same.  This is not the case, and I have to spend considerable time with these folks explaining the difference between the company they hired and us.

If people would just do their due diligence in the first place, they would not have been in this position to begin with.

In the most recent conversation which happened this week, was a gentleman who had already paid $500 to another company and they didn’t finish the job.  It did not matter what I said to him, he just was too bruised from the prior transaction with the other company.

He had nothing to be concerned about and we did everything to make him see that we were not that company that did this to him.  But I am not going to beg for business.

Over a two week period, I paid to have his documents shipped from our Burbank office to our main office in Valencia.  I opened his file and reviewed his documents and provided a timeline to get things done.  He called our office and he spoke with our receptionist, myself and my staff at least 10 times and we exchanged emails a dozen times at least.

Then he still wanted another phone call and still was unable to make a decision.

So what did I do?  I told him we decided not to work with him. I told him we cannot work with clients who do not value our service.  And despite the fact that he already signed an agreement for us to provide service and despite the cost to us to have his documents mailed, open and review his file and the many emails and phone calls, I said I was canceling the agreement and not going to charge him and mail his documents back to him.

Fortunately, we have grown our business enough where we don’t have to beg for business and if anything, we screen out clients to make sure people like this don’t get through the door. Because ever once and a while, one will get through and they become a nightmare to deal with.

Hopefully he finds someone that is willing to deal with him and who won’t take his money and run again.