Santa Clarita Divorce | Filing For Legal Separation For Health Insurance Benefit |

When people call our Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal service and inquire about a legal separation, most of the time the reason they want to file for a legal separation vs. a divorce in Santa Clarita is because they want to remain a dependent on health insurance. They figure that since they are not “divorced” that they can remain on their spouses health insurance.

We have found over the last couple of years that many employers and health insurance companies are starting to treat a legal separation similar to a divorce.  Watch the video below for more information.


Tim Blankenship here with and what we’re talking about in this video is about health insurance when deciding to file for divorce or legal separation, instead of divorce.  And this keeps coming up not often, but whenever someone calls us and they talked about wanting to get a legal separation, my first question is, what is what is the reason for the legal separation for divorce and 99% of the time It’s because of health insurance reasons, they want to remain as a dependent.

And what my conversation is in every case, is that this usually will not be allowed to happen by either your employer or the health insurance company, they kind of cap that several years ago where they treat legal separation the same as divorce.

So, my suggestion is, if you’re thinking of going this route, call your insurance company first because you don’t want to file for legal separation and then later realize it didn’t do any good and now you have to file a separate divorce case and additional costs.