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Santa Clarita Legal Separation Divorce

Legal separation and divorce are nearly identical when it comes to going through the process.  All the same decisions are made but there is one big difference.  There is not a 6 month cooling off period with Legal Separation like there is with divorce.

There is a way to speed up the legal separation process as far as getting the court to approve your judgment sooner which we discuss in the below video. You can also read the video transcript below.

Tim Blankenship here with and I want to talk a little bit about legal separation cases. Keep in mind, there’s no six month waiting period like there is with divorce when you file your paperwork. So if you’re trying to streamline your legal separation case you can file your judgment much quicker.

You can file your case for legal separation. Have it served wait 30 days and immediately submit your legal separation judgment for review by the court. You don’t have to wait the six months, you can turn it in at any time after the time is passed from the 30 days of the of the respondent being served.

Or if you want to do it even quicker file and this is what we do, we filed the petition for legal separation, immediately behind that file a response for legal separation. The very next day and immediately following that you can submit your judgment for legal separation because you’ve already established the jurisdiction by the respondent filing the response.

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