Santa Clarita Divorce | How To Start The Divorce Process

Santa Clarita Divorce | How To Start The Divorce Process

To start the divorce process all you have to do is file a few forms.

So the forms that you would file for divorce are the summons and petition and that’s really all there is to file for divorce. Now, if you have children there’s an additional form fl-105 known as the UCCJEA and then depending on your county you may have a local form.

So let’s assume that you have these forms completed – what’s the next step well the next step would be to file these forms and get a case number issued by the court.

You have to file them before you serve them, so once you file them you’ll get a case number issued by the court now they’re ready to be filed the step after that is they need to be served.

Now there’s several steps there are different ways that you can have these documents served if you are amicable like our clients are.  What you’d want to use is a notice of acknowledgment of receipt there’s no reason to personally serve someone that you’re friendly with especially your spouse if you’re trying to go through an amicable divorce and then irritate them because you had them served by someone.

Now you may want to use a friend or a family member or even a neighbor but honestly all you have to do is have someone mail it to your spouse and have them sign a notice of acknowledgment and then you would file that with the proof of service after you filed for divorce and had it served now it’s ready to do your disclosures.

The parties will do their financial disclosures share them with each other so you guys are aware of what all the assets and debts are that are on the table subject to division. And following that you will draft Your settlement agreement.

Now that was a broad Strokes overview of the divorce process more than just how to file if you’re looking for help with getting an amical divorce anywhere in California give us a call be happy to help