Santa Clarita Divorce | Is There A Divorce Season?

After being in business going on 5 years and processing about 30 to 40 divorce cases each and every month one starts to see a pattern. It seems that there are definite busy times and times which are not so busy. I have always tried to make sense of this and this is what I came up with.

Between January and May of every year we are extremely busy. The phones don’t stop ringing and I often ask myself, “Is there anyone left that has not been divorced?” This time of year is known as “divorce season.”

Then, beginning around June the amount of divorce cases slows a bit. Then it picks right up around September and stays busy until late November. Again, it slows a bit November through the end of the year.

Can you see a pattern? Here are my thoughts.

January through June is very busy for a couple of reasons. I think the number one reason is that people who would have filed for divorce between Thanksgiving through December have held off until after all the holidays. This is part to blame for the crush of new clients starting about the 2nd week of January. Secondly, I think we can blame the holidays themselves for creating more stress in peoples lives.

Then, when the kids get out of school in May / June and folks are busy with their kids, taking vacations and are just too busy to start their divorce. Again, it picks up right after the kids go back to school in August / September and remains busy until right about Thanksgiving.

While January is commonly referred to as “divorce season” there are definitely patterns I see that appear to simply be a matter of when our kids are in school and the holidays.

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