Santa Clarita Divorce : How To Look Up Your Divorce Case Online

Santa Clarita Divorce : How To Look Up Your Divorce Case Online

Did you know that you can look up your Santa Clarita Divorce online? You can’t actually see the divorce forms that were filed, but you can see them listed by the form number.

When people call me about their Santa Clarita divorce and have questions about either the process or procedure, one of the first things I will ask them for is their divorce case number. The reason I want to see their divorce case number is because I can see what divorce forms were filed which gives me an idea of where their case is at.

Below is an older videos I did in 2012 which explains more. (keep reading below video)

This is important because it allows me to help figure out what needs to happen in order to finalize their divorce case.

Many times people call me about their Santa Clarita divorce because they need help finalizing their divorce.  Many times people try to start their own divorce on their own and run into trouble. When they call me in the middle of their divorce case, it is easier for me to figure out what is remaining by looking up their case number online.

If you are doing your own Santa Clarita Divorce, you will want to check on your online case summary frequently. The reason I say this is because when people are representing themselves, such as your spouse, they may not know what forms they need to serve on you. If they don’t follow proper procedure and don’t serve you it may turn out that your divorce gets finalized without you knowing it.

We also see a lot of spouses intentionally trying to trick their spouse and tell them everything is fine, while behind the scenes they are trying to finalize the divorce without them, trying to gain some financial advantage.

This is why it is important to use a professional divorce service like us. Give us a call for a free consultation and we can take a look at your case and help you finalize your Santa Clarita divorce case wherever point you are at.