Santa Clarita Divorce | No Response If Case Amicable |

Santa Clarita Divorce File Response Amicable

Santa Clarita Divorce | No Response If Case Amicable |

If you are trying to do your own Santa Clarita Divorce and going through the Court’s self help centers, they are going to tell you one way of how to handle your case.

The way they have you handle your divorce is by assuming your case is NOT amicable and that you will be going to court or to trial at some point.

So based on this, their process is to have you file paperwork with this assumption. That said, the courts process states that once you have filed for divorce and served your spouse, your spouse is required to file a response within 30 days.  This is the standard process for what is known as an uncontested divorce.

That said, there are ways to get through the divorce process and not have to file a response. If you and your spouse are amicable, there is a way to finalize your divorce without the Response being filed and yet still be completely involved in the divorce process and both parties sign a written agreement.

This is how we handle our Santa Clarita divorce clients amicable divorce cases. Why? Because if you are amicable, no response is needed AND it saves you having to pay the 2nd court fee that is triggered when you file the Response.

Divorce661 is located in Santa Clarita, CA and handles amicable divorce cases throughout California.