Santa Clarita Divorce Process Explained

Santa Clarita Divorce Process

Santa Clarita Divorce Process Explained

Is the the Santa Clarita divorce process confusing? Sure.  Can it be made simple in plain English?  Absolutely.

That’s what we do here at Divorce661.  We turn the complicated divorce process into an easily understandable process.

You see, when you have an amicable divorce in Santa Clarita, the process is entirely different.  We are all used to hearing the horror stories about divorce and how they can take years.

With our clients we are talking about days or weeks at the most.

Here is an example of how we completed a divorce in 1 day.

Don’t get me wrong.  A Santa Clarita  divorce process can still be a nightmare. Especially if you are trying to do your own divorce.

I mean, can you do it?  Sure, possibly, it depends.  Do some people get through the process?

Yes. Some Do.  But most do not.

How do we know this?  Because half our business is helping those that tried to do their own Santa Clarita Divorce.

And I understand why you would want to try to do your own divorce.

It is either to save money or because you think your divorce will be easy because you are in agreement.

And you would think the process would be easy if you are in agreement.


It is still complicated.  It is a court of law with specific rules that have to be followed.

Are you trying to save money by doing your own divorce?  Watch this short video where I explain that you will pay with either your time (doing your own paperwork) or your money (hiring us to have it done professionally)

Here is the video => Doing You Own Divorce Is Not Free <=

Below is the vide where we discuss the Santa Clarita Divorce process.

We are explaining it as it would occur with an amicable divorce.

When you use our service we don’t break the divorce process into separate pieces.  We complete the entire divorce process in a single step.

Give us a call if you would like assistance with your divorce in Santa Clarita.  We serve all divorce courts in California.


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