Santa Clarita Divorce Service Slows Due To Government Shutdown 2013

I did not give much thought to the Government shut down until it directly impacted my Santa Clarita divorce service.  As the Government shutdown went into its second week, I started to notice a little bit of a slowdown in the amount of calls our office received.

At first It did not cross my mind that there could be any impact on our Santa Clarita divorce service nor did I attribute the slower pace of new clients to the Government shutdown.

Then I received a call from Federal employee who was calling to get information on our divorce service in Santa Clarita.  He lived in Palmdale and said he was furloughed due to the shutdown.

He stated that he wanted to file for divorce, but now that he has not been at work for over 10 days, it was going to make it difficult to pay our fees and the Court fees.

This is when it struck me that the Government shut down was having an impact on my business.  I would have never thought that this would occur.

But what accounts for the slow week or two I have had?  Not all my clients are Federal employees, so there must be something else.  Is it the fact that it is October and we are starting into the holidays?

Or is it consumer confidence (or lack of consumer confidence) that is being created due to the Government shutdown.  Even stocks are taking a hit due to investor confidence.  Then when it seemed that there were some positive talks, the stock shot up 300 points.

I wonder if any other Santa Clarita small business owners have felt a slight slowing or thought that the Government shutdown might be responsible for a reduction in clients and sales.

These were just some rambling thoughts I had this Friday.

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