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Santa Clarita Divorce File Response Fee

If you are going through an amicable divorce in Santa Clarita there are a few ways to get through the divorce process.  We are talking about procedural ways regarding the type of divorce you file.

You probably heard the word, “uncontested divorce”.  Did you know the word “Uncontested” has two meanings?  To you it probably means that you and your spouse are amicable and in agreement. And that is a true meaning of the word.

But, to the Courts, uncontested means that a Response form FL-120 was filed with the court.  That is what we mean about it being a procedural meaning. If a response is filed in your Santa Clarita divorce case, all that means to the court is that a response form was filed in the case.

What this article is about, however, is if you should file a response at all…

Our amicable Santa Clarita divorce service focuses on saving our clients money and helping them through the divorce process and keeping them out of court.

To help save them money, we purposely don’t have them file the response (some courts require it  regardless) but Los Angeles County does not require a response be filed for your divorce case.

The reason we bring this up is because when you file a Response, it triggers a 2nd Court filing fee.  You see, when the divorce is filed, when the Petition is filed, the petitioner pays a filing fee.

A lot of people don’t know that when you go to file the response to the divorce, the court will collect another filing fee to file the response.

People are surprised when we tell them that. But then are glad we are explaining that by using our services you will save that second court filing fee which helps offset the cost of our professional services.