Santa Clarita Divorce | Started But Never Finished My Divorce

We get these calls all too often.  “Tim, I filed for divorce years ago and just found out my divorce was never finalized!”  What’s worse is that many of these folks have already gotten remarried.

While I know this is not something you want to find out, there is something that you can do about it.  The first thing I would recommend you do is to call us so we can look at your California divorce online summary and see what is going on as far as what documents have been filed.

We would then either have you send us what documents you have (if any) or order the filed documents from the court directly.

What we generally have to do is to take a look at what has been filed so we know what we need to complete to finalize your divorce case.  We also will need to review all divorce documents that were previously filed so we could make sure they were completed correctly and make any corrections as necessary.

What normally happens is that people file for divorce, do some, but not all of the paperwork and because the court never contacts them they figure their divorce is complete.

Here is what I have to say about that. Your divorce is not complete until you get the final divorce papers signed by the judge and it indicates a specific date your divorce will be finalized.

This article and podcast was created due to receiving yet another call from someone asking for our help to complete their divorce case who thought their divorce was finalized more than 10 years ago.

If you are going to file for divorce in California please call us to help you with your divorce.  We can help you from the very beginning or pick up where you left off in your California divorce.

We provide a full service divorce anywhere in California.